Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 Fildzana - 82

What are we to think here? - I see something but it is a bit macabre....I'm hesitant to say...Ideas my friends? The state of mind one keeps is a big influence on the interpretation of ...anything, don't you think?



  1. hmmm - tough one. At first glance, it looks like a narrow cave opening. But now when I look at it, I see an eyeless fish, swimming sideways towards me, its mouth gaping open.

  2. I see the fish, Steve. I saw a coffin initially, it was unsettling..and then I put it aside. Another woman peering into the cup said with a frown she saw a hooded figure, walking away..with a scythe in the hand on the right.
    I am a bit superstitious on occasion. So, I posted..but I didn't want to commit. Do you ever have that with any of your work?

  3. I do see the figure with the scythe - oddly, walking into the light.

    And yes, I sometimes wait a day before I post something I'm unsure about, often changing it a bit before committing.

  4. So, I was thinking last night - that I felt very positive about that figure walking towards the light in the middle of the cup. I think it might be a sort of transformative path that could be ahead of a person in their life. Like coming out of darkness/ignorance/near death/ mental or physical paralysis and so on..and going towards the light/reborn etc.
    I like that!
    So now, Mr. Veilleux, we have a name for the baby :) Rebirth (simple but classic)